Hemodialysis Machine

JHM-2028A Double Pumps LCD Touch Screen Hemodialysis Machine

Apply to hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, ISO UF, plasma exchange, etc.

User friendly operation
All-around security system
Precise UF system
Powerful functions

User friendly operation

10” LCD touch screen
Automatically activates treatment program when blood is detected flowing through
Auto self-test, prime, rinse, disinfection, hot disinfection, treatment and power off, etc.
Records in table and graphs

All-around security system

Air bubble & Blood level
Blood leakage
Blood pressure
Arterial, Venous & TM Pressure
Backup battery

Precise UF system

Classic waterway system controls the UF precisely
Double circulation waterway system to prevent cross-infection

Powerful functions

Na+, UF & HCO3- Profiles
Suitable for any dialysate formula
Dialysate flow linearly adjustable
Optional: Bicarb-cartridge holder, Pyrogen filter port, Network connection, etc.

Single pump machine JHM-2028M is optional, please contact for more details.


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